“We are all loaded and on the road. It took me 5 minutes! Kidd walked all over the ramp and then walked on. Thank you for your help ”

Kerry and Marsha





training“Things are going great! I love the little devil now. I have put the clippers on her every night and she is as good as gold. My horses are really behaving themselves in Michigan and they have found Lucy to be a dream to work with. Just wanted to thank you for your assistance. I really learned a lot and will definitely be able to use what you taught me on all my horses!”

Shawna Crawford


dustynme“This incredible girl is wise beyond her years. She and her horse, Dusty were a big part of the festivities. The girls got to see what happens when you stick with a horse training project a custom made partner for life! The girls spent a lot of time each day with Britt, she was always a lot of fun, stirred the pot to get the girls laughing, and made them feel quite comfortable. She is very approachable and really fun to have around. She helped teach some of our show lessons, then choreographed, taught, and ran our drill team for the big show – which got RAVE reviews! Brittany is an inspiration and a very positive role model, we’re hoping she’ll be back next year!”

Penny Nicol Owner of Highland Wilderness Tours

dogtrainingpadro“It has been a pleasure having Brittany work with our family to help us train our dog Pedro. We were having problems with Pedro getting aggressive with visitors to our house. She helped us learn to read Pedro’s body language. She is very knowledgable about dog behaviour and about the differences among breeds. Her skills at non verbal animal communication are very impressive. She has a very positive approach to animal training and always emphasizes setting up the situation for success.Pedro is now a much more relaxed dog. After only four training sessions he went from being aggressive to being relaxed and friendly.”

 Dr. Janice Gray MD, Barry, Connor and Kyle Lyon

“Brittany started working with our paint mare and from the first minute she took over I knew that she was the person we needed.  I have been around horses all my life, but when I saw Brittany’s approach I was so impressed.  Right away she had a connection and knew what this horse needed.  Her approach and knowledge made for progress in every session and there have been amazing results.”

Judy and Doug Hermer

carolnlarrynme“Brittany is a gifted trainer who brings out the best in the horse and their natural ability and strengthens the rider’s confidence and skills.  Brittany goes back to the basics with the horse to discover the past problems a horse may have had and builds a solid foundation for the future for horse and rider.

We have a 7 year old Suffield Mustang (Surr), 21 year old Arabian (Katie) and an 8 year old Draft quarter/ draft cross.  The Draft was the boss of the stable yard and she would move the other two out of the way when anyone wanted to work with the other horses.  Then along came Brittany, what a difference our world is now.  We have complete harmony in the stable yard and Willow (the draft) is completely a different horse.  We can now work with the other horses without interference.Willow had never been trained and was just a pet.  You could not go near her feet and the farrier said that she would have to be sedated to work on her feet.  In one session with Brittany, not only could we pick up her feet but we could pick them out.  She is much calmer, has great ground manners. She is a very intelligent strong willed horse but under Brittany’s tutelage she is standing patiently while her harness is put on her and is learning to pull.

Surr was green broke but needed ground work -  he did not like pen work.  He works like a charm now in the pen. It was great learning first hand how to train the horse and work with the horse with the trainer present.

Katie had been ridden extensively in her past live but for the past 7 years was kept as a pet.  We started working with her again and she quickly responded – she is now being ridden almost every day and loves to work.”

Carol and Larry Manson