These 3 day hands on clinics start with a demonstration and moves to ground training building a solid foundation for you and your horse. Starting with the basics and growing from there, discover how a strong solid foundation is the key to building the ultimate partnership.

Learn how to communicate clearly with your horse and understand what your horse is communicating to you. The clinic progresses onto more advance horsemanship from trailer loading, developing the trail horse, working with spooky horses to starting horses.

Clinics are based on a minimun of 6 people and horses with a maximum of 12 per clinic. 

Price $575/person
Specatators are welcome $40/day






Learn how to clearly communicate with our equine partners, learn to read their body language and what your own body language is saying to your horse. When horses and people starting communicating clearly the best partnerships are built and last a lifetime!

Discover more of you through the way of the horse. Horses provide us with a mirror reflection of ourselves, our body language, actions, thoughts, feelings and communication skills. By acknowledging what we are shown through the horse, we then have the choice to, change how we approach situations, people and ultimately life. It’s physical and psychological. By reading our horse we can read ourselves.

Your horse is a mirror to your soul.
Sometimes you might not like what you see… Sometimes you will.

~Buck Brannaman~

Communication is more then the words we speak. According to research more than 93% of communication effectiveness is determined by non verbal cues. This includes body language, thoughts, feelings and intentions. The horse easily and instantly checks in and reads what we are vibrating. Realizing and drawing parallels between horses and humans helps us better understand how we interact with the world around us.

Book a demonstration or seminar for your next:

  • Corporate Retreat "See the best of leadership and teamwork at work!"
  • Equine Show
  • Trade Show
  • Fair
  • Special Event
  • Barn Meeting and Gathering
  • Guest, motivational speaker

Option to include a Meal:

  1. Picnic Lunch an assortment of gourmet homemade sandwiches with all the fixings plus dessert. 
  2. BBQ Dinner choice of chicken, potatoes and salad or buffalo burgers and salad, both include dessert.

For pricing and to customize a clinic or seminar to meet your needs please contact us
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