I’m Brittany Buchanan. I offer monthly horse training onsite and off site, private sessions, coaching, lessons and clinics with Innate Horsemanship™ from english, western, pleasure or competitive, horses and people united through horsemanship.

Throughout these pages you’ll find more information about what I offer with Innate Horsemanship™. I invite you to contact me with any questions and to learn more.

I look forward to meeting and riding with you!

Brittany Buchanan

"It's not what we ask our horses to do,

it's how we ask our horses to do it."

                              ~Britt Buchanan~

About BritT

Brittany’s journey with horses started at age twelve by just hanging out with horses and observing them for hours. She started her first horse in a round pen with no one around – quietly working alone with that horse – no words, just being together. Through years of study, Brittany has advanced to working with people and horses with what she calls Innate Horsemanship™ which is a way of putting people and horses on the same page, talking the same language, Equine Lingo™.

Brittany has studied and trained with the some well known horsemen and women, including Monty Roberts, Buck Brannaman, Craig Cameron and John Lyons, and has learned that it’s the ability to observe a horse’s reaction both physically and emotionally that is the most important pathway to understanding how to communicate with horses. By developing a harmonious and natural relationship with each horse – by offering guidance, encouragement and consistency - the horse learns to follow based on mutual trust and respect through effective communication and leadership.


What's New


Registeration for the Summer 2015 Camps and Clinics has begun please call or email to recieve your application. For more information on Summer Camps please visit our Clinics Page.

Innate Horsemanship™ Demonstration 
Sunday April 12 2015 1pm-4pm
IH Ranch Perth Ontario Canada 

This clinic is an introduction to our 3 day Innate Horsemanship Clinics! Clinic will include liberty work, ground exercises and a trailer loading demonstration. The liberty work will include connecting and understanding your horse through the language of Equus.The clinic will connect groundwork to saddle work, bridging the gap and making groundwork meaningful and helpful to your relationship and riding. You asked... We will also be doing a trailer loading demonstration!

Hot Chocolate, Tea, Coffee and Treats Available Onsite $20/person.
Register now 613 451 0032 or brittany@brittanybuchanan.ca


Conscious Connection Workshop
June 5, 6 & 7 2015

Charleston Lake Riding School Lansdowne Ontario Canada 

Innate Horsemanship and Unbridled Coaching have team up to delivered this unique workshop dedicated to the partnership of the horse and human.

A hands-on workshop for all disciplines and experience levels. While learning more about our horses, our horses have a way of teaching us more about ourselves. 

Sometimes it not just about the horse it's about ourselves and learning to overcome fear, selfdoubt and become aware of our beliefs and patterning that keep us where we are and from where we want to be in our partnership with our horses, and life! Learn to become aware in whole body, mind and spirit get grounded.

Communication is more than the words we speak this includes body language, thoughts, feelings and intentions. Horses easily and instantly check in and read what we are vibrating, providing us with a mirror reflection. Learn how to clearly communicate with our equine partners, learn to read their body language and what your own body language is saying to your horse. 

Discover more of you through the way of the horse. Horses provide us with a mirror reflection of ourselves, our body language, actions, thoughts, feelings and communication skills. By acknowledging what we are shown through the horse, we then have the choice to, change how we approach situations, people and ultimately life. It’s physical and psychological. By reading our horse we can read ourselves.

Your horse is a mirror to your soul.
Sometimes you might not like what you see… Sometimes you will.

~Buck Brannaman~

Workshop Highlights:

  • De-code your own body language. Reveal your communication methods and discover how your horse really sees you.
  • De-code your horse’s body language. Understand how your horse thinks and communicates and how this relates to all environments. Learn to read and reward the signs your horse gives.
  • Strengthen your partnership with your horse by learning more about yourself and how you show up in the world and then through training build a solid partnership. By reading yourself better you can read your horse better.  Given these insights, the relationship with those all around you improves as well as with your horse.

Join us on this journey of self discovery, awarness, develop and build a stronger bond and partnership with your horse. Register 613-277-4402 $875+hst early bird before April 10th 2015 Regular $1,295+hst


We are hosting a number of Clinics, Shows and Educational Expos for 2015! If you are interested in hosting a clinic at your farm or a show or event here at the IH Ranch please contact us 613 451 0032. 



Please call us 613 451 0032 or email us brittany@brittanybuchanan.ca for inquires on horses for sale and we will help to match you up and find you your equine partner!


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Innate Horsemanship Demonstration

IH Ranch

Perth Ontario Canada

Sunday April 12 2015 1-4pm

Snacks and Drinks Available


Contact 613 451 0032