I’m Brittany Buchanan. I offer monthly horse training onsite and off site, private sessions, coaching, lessons and clinics with Innate Horsemanship™ from english, western, pleasure or competitive, horses and people united through Innate Horsemanship™.

Throughout these pages you’ll find more information about what I offer with Innate Horsemanship™. I invite you to contact me with any questions and to learn more.

I look forward to meeting and riding with you!

Brittany Buchanan


"It's not what we ask our horses to do,
it's how we ask our horses to do it."
                      Brittany Buchanan

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About BritT

Brittany’s journey with horses started at age twelve by just hanging out with horses and observing them for hours. She started her first horse in a round pen with no one around – quietly working alone with that horse – no words, just being together. Through years of study, Brittany has advanced to working with people and horses with what she calls Innate Horsemanship™ which is a way of putting people and horses on the same page, talking the same language, Equine Lingo™ with Innate Horsemanship™.

Brittany has studied and trained with the some well known horsemen and women and has learned that it’s the ability to observe a horse’s reaction both physically and emotionally that is the most important pathway to understanding how to communicate with horses. By developing a harmonious and natural relationship with each horse – by offering guidance, encouragement and consistency - the horse learns to follow based on mutual trust and respect through effective communication and leadership.



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Innate Horsemanship Clinic

Saturday April 7 2018 1-4pm
IH Ranch
Perth Ontario Canada
Register 613 451 0032



What's New



Visit the Clinics page for all the details and give us a call here at the
IH Ranch 613 451 0032 to reigster your camper for summer camp!




Innate Horsemanship™ Intro Clinic
Saturday April 7th 1pm-4pm
IH Ranch Perth Ontario Canada 

This clinic is an introduction to our 3 day Innate Horsemanship Clinics! Clinic will include liberty work, ground exercises and a trailer loading demonstration. The liberty work will include connecting and understanding your horse through the language of Equus.The clinic will connect groundwork to saddle work, bridging the gap and making groundwork meaningful and helpful to your relationship and riding. You asked... We will also be doing a trailer loading demonstration!

Hot Chocolate, Tea, Coffee and Treats Available Onsite $20/person.
Register now 613 451 0032 or brittany@brittanybuchanan.ca


Innate Horsemanship™ 101 Courses
Every Saturday in May 9am-4pm 2018
IH Ranch Perth Ontario Canada

All disciplines and experience levels are welcome! During these 1-day courses you will be guided through a curriculum designed to give you horsemanship skills with an emphasis on horse psychology and how it relates to training and working with horses daily. Learn in a relaxed environment, customized to your needs with lots of personalized instruction. Bring your horse with you to the courses or partner with one of our horses here at the ranch!

Horse Psychology and Liberty Skills
Saturday May 4 2018 9am-4pm 

Develop a better partnership with your horse from the ground up by understanding how horses communicate, think and learn through their own language. Develop a partnership with your horse at liberty, learn how to communicate with just your body language and lead your horse through obstacles building a trust-based partnership!
Groundwork and Trailer Loading Demonstration
Saturday May 11 2018 9am-4pm

Develop a better feel and connection with your horse from the ground in preparation for riding. Practice working with a rope, flag, tarps, trot poles throughout your groundwork. Learn to become more effective working with your horse from the ground at liberty, with a lead rope and while riding. Learn how to prepare your horse for the trailer and different ways to load your horse onto the trailer. Learn how to get your horse comfortable loading, standing and coming off the trailer. Learn about different styles of trailers and the advantages ramps and step-ups and various safety features. Learn about trailering your horse longer distances and how to keep your horse comfortable.
Saturday May 18 2018 9am-4pm  
Learn the benefits of long lining versus single line lunging. Learn how long-lining helps connect the horses whole body and mind creating balance and harmony. You will learn how to safely tack up, attach double lines, and work with the horse on double lines with turning and at various speeds. Learn how to get the most out of long-lining with your horse outside the arena and with various obstacles.
Riding with Foundation
Saturday May 25 2018 9am-4pm  
Take your groundwork to the saddle. Become an active rider versus a reactive rider. Learn to ride in rhythm, balance and harmony with your horse. We cover all the basics to encourage good horsemanship in the saddle. Play with our obstacle course, tarps and bridges to water and jumps designed to get the horse and rider out of their traditional comfort zone developing trust, communication and better horsemanship!


Hosted by: IH Ranch, Perth Ontario
Cost: $175 per Course or All 4 Courses for $600
Register 613 451 0032 or email Brittany@BrittanyBuchanan.ca


We are hosting a number of Clinics, Shows and Educational Expos for 2018! If you are interested in hosting a clinic at your farm or a show or event here at the IH Ranch please contact us 613 451 0032. 



Please call us 613 451 0032 or email us brittany@brittanybuchanan.ca for inquires on horses for sale and we will help to match you up and find you your equine partner!